The Malaysian Kitchen

The Malaysian Kitchen Author Christina Arokiasamy
ISBN-10 9780544810020
Year 2017-03-21
Pages 352
Language en
Publisher Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

Irresistible Malaysian recipes for the American home cook, including curries, noodle bowls, stir-fries, street foods, and more A delicious and informal mashup of Southeast Asian and European influences, Malaysian cooking is full of flavor and easy to love. Chef and author Christina Arokiasamy brings it into the American home kitchen. This cuisine borrows from the traditions of Thailand, India, China, and Portugal for dishes as varied as Chili Prawns, Salmon Tandoori, Hainanese Chicken Rice, and Grilled Lamb with Rosemary Pesto. Christina gives recipes for authentic Malaysian favorites like Beef Rendang and Char Kway Teow Noodles, while also sharing her own modern iterations, such as Wok-Fried Spaghetti with Kale. An assortment of sambals and chili sauces—simply thrown together in a blender—get you started on your way to these dishes but are so tasty and versatile you’ll find yourself using them in the rest of your everyday cooking. Vivid on-location photography takes the reader into the spice markets, coffee houses, fishing villages, and kitchen gardens that inspired each recipe.

Malaysian Kitchen

Malaysian Kitchen Author Ghillie Basan
ISBN-10 1844768287
Year 2010
Pages 128
Language en
Publisher Southwater Pub

A perfect collection of delicious, authentic recipes that represent the best of Malaysian cooking, with 80 mouthwatering recipes shown in over 350 tempting color photographs

Authentic Recipes from Malaysia

Authentic Recipes from Malaysia Author Wendy Hutton
ISBN-10 9781462905393
Year 2012-03-06
Pages 112
Language en
Publisher Tuttle Publishing

Create flavorful and visually stunning dishes with this easy-to-follow Malaysian cookbook. Authentic Recipes from Malaysia presents over 62 easy-to-follow recipes with detailed descriptions of Malaysian cooking methods and ingredients, enabling you to reproduce the exotic flavors of Malaysia in your own kitchen. Malaysia's cuisine is an exciting blend of Malay, Chinese, Indian, and European cooking. Drawing on their multiethnic heritage, Malaysians have developed unique variations on Asian favorites like Malay Chicken Satay, Chinese Fried Kway Teow and Indian Chicken Curry Puffs. Added to these are exotic creations like the fiery Portuguese Baked Fish prepared by Malacca's Eurasian community, Kelantanese Nasi Ulam (rice blended with handfuls of freshly chopped herbs) and savory Butter Prawns—a dish that blends seasonings from all of Malaysia's major ethnic groups. This book provides a selection of unforgettable recipes, at the same time introducing the reader to the nation's diverse cultural and culinary traditions. Delicious Malaysian recipes include: Mango Chutney Borneo Fish Ceviche Snake Gourd and Lentils with Mustard Seeds Yen's Crispy Brown Noodles with Gravy Fiery Chicken Curry Devil Southern Indian Mutton Curry Black Pepper Crab Pancakes with Sweet Coconut Filling

Malaysian Cooking

Malaysian Cooking Author John Cook
ISBN-10 1514149982
Year 2015-05-31
Pages 56
Language en
Publisher Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

Yummy Malaysian Recipes Revealed! The Malaysian cuisine is full of delicious rice, spicy, and meat recipes. Discover the mysterious flavors of Southeast Asia with this new cookbook, full of secret of the orient and amazing Malaysian recipes! Keywords: Malaysian cooking, Malaysian food, Malaysian spices, Malaysian herbs, Malaysian sambal, sambal oelek, atjam pedis, nasi goreng, Malaysian kitchen, Malaysian cuisine, Malaysian cook, Malaysian cookbook, Malaysian recipe book, Malaysian recipes, Malaysian cooking style, Malaysian food, spicy Malaysian food, spicy food, how to cook satay, how to cook nasi, how to cook spicy food, spicy recipes, nasi recipes, nasi cookbook, satay cookbook, satay spices, satay cooking, satay food, Malaysia cooking, Malaysia cookbook, Malaysia recipes

Pan Asian Cookbook Malaysian Cuisine Rohana Choo s Kitchen

Pan Asian Cookbook   Malaysian Cuisine   Rohana Choo s Kitchen Author Rohana Choo
ISBN-10 9781476109053
Language en
Publisher Springwood emedia

Rohana Choo's Malaysian Cuisine covers the essential aspects of the rich and diverse cuisine. Sample the distinct blend of Indian, asian and chinese influences in the recipes listed in this ecookbook. In this book find recipes for essential sauces, snacks, noodles and curries - see how richly diverse malaysian food really is!

Sunshine Little Kitchen

Sunshine Little Kitchen Author Hui-Shin Wong
ISBN-10 9781482832976
Year 2015-08-26
Pages 152
Language en
Publisher Partridge Publishing Singapore

Sunshine Little Kitchen is a compendium of ten travel tales of Wong Hui Shin in 365 days over ten years, where she writes about her wrestle with communication or the lack thereof. “There is no such thing as miscommunication. The fact is, ideas and thoughts are filtered and broken down due to popular perception. Coupled with the nuances of the human mind that perceive every situation as colorful as a kaleidoscope.” She believes that everyone can dream and everything is possible. The “world-wind” story begins with three adventurous musketeers bound for Thailand (2001). The author continues her solo journey “Fogg-style” to experience firsthand heritage preservation and environment protection with Korea National Commission for UNESCO in South Korea (2002), train-hopping through Japan using Japan Rail Pass (2003) and the Peace of Voyage of Maldives (2004). In year 2005, she has announced herself as Nefertiti in Egypt, transformed a mission impossible to a Clairvoyant Reservoir, awestruck by the legendary blue light of the Great Lake Erie and travelled around America, searching for aliens and lost Malaysians using US Rail Pass. In Year 2009, she has a train adventure from Chennai to New Delhi for a connecting flight to London, where she spent her first real Valentine’s in Hanwell Community Observatory, United Kingdom, after finally solving the problem of miscommunication by a five-minute video session in Berlin, Germany, a couple of years before she met great Malaysians for culture and food exploration in Newcastle Upon Type, United Kingdom.


Malaysia Author Ping Coombes
ISBN-10 9781681881850
Year 2017-04-25
Pages 248
Language en
Publisher Simon and Schuster

When it comes to Southeast Asian fare, Malaysian cuisine is a hidden treasure. The winner of MasterChef 2014, Author Ping Coombes brings Malaysian cuisine into the spotlight, and from her family table to yours, in this beautiful and unique cookbook. Drawing inspiration from her mother and from the late-night stalls and street markets in her hometown of Ipoh, Ping has assembled 100+ authentic and accessible recipes that serve as the perfect introduction to the tastes, textures, and colors of Malaysian fare. Find new household favorites like Malaysian Shrimp Fritters, Chicken and Sweetcorn Soup, Spicy Shrimp and Vermicelli Salad, Nyonya Fried Rice, Chili Pan Mee, Caramel Pork Belly, Malaysian Chicken Curry and Potatoes, Quick Wonton Soup, Pan-fried Seabass with Kecap Manis, Chilli Crab with Fried Mantou, Crispy Squid, Malaysian Fish and Chips, Pork Macaroni, Coconut-filled Pancakes, Banana Spring Rolls, Iced Lemon Grass Tea, Chilli Dark and Stormy, and many more! Chapters include: My Pantry Pastes, Sambals, and Condiments Small Plates and Snacks Salads and Broths Rice and Noodles Fish and Seafood Vegetables and Eggs “English” Food Sweet Things Drinks So “‘sek fan la!"—"come and eat!” and enjoy your introduction to Malaysian cookery.

The Kitchen Magpie

The Kitchen Magpie Author James Steen
ISBN-10 9781848316959
Year 2014-05-01
Pages 288
Language en
Publisher Icon Books Ltd

Join award-winning writer James Steen for a feast of food and drink facts and culinary curiosities. Delving into forgotten corners of gastronomic history, Steen reveals what Parmesan has to do with broken bones and why John Wayne kept a cow in a hotel. Laying bare the secrets of the kitchen, he concocts the ultimate hangover cure and explains how to cook perfect rib of beef with the oven off. With much-loved cooks including Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood sharing passion and know-how, this mouth-watering miscellany will sate the appetite of every kitchen dweller, from the masterful expert to the earnest apprentice.

Meine ultimative Kochschule

Meine ultimative Kochschule Author Gordon Ramsay
ISBN-10 9783864135576
Year 2014-04-04
Pages 320
Language de
Publisher Riva Verlag

In diesem fantastischen Kochbuch des britischen Starkochs Gordon Ramsay finden Sie Tipps und Tricks sowie über 120 köstliche, moderne und unkomplizierte Rezepte, die jeder – von Anfänger bis Fortgeschrittener – leicht nachkochen kann. Diese ultimative Kochbibel vereint das Wissen und die Expertise eines der erfolgreichsten Köche der Welt und zeigt, dass Sterneküche auch zuhause funktioniert!

My Kitchen Table 100 Easy Chinese Suppers

My Kitchen Table  100 Easy Chinese Suppers Author Ken Hom
ISBN-10 9781446417256
Year 2012-01-05
Pages 208
Language en
Publisher Random House

A follow-up to Ken Hom's popular stir-fries book, 100 Weeknight Chinese Suppers offers Ken's favourite quick and simple Chinese recipes, perfect for a cosy after-work meal. From stews and curries to easy stir fries and healthy steamed and braised dishes, there are also some great light bites and easy entertaining recipes. Ken Hom is the nation's favourite Chinese chef and these recipes will turn you from the take away to the wok.

My Kitchen Table 100 Quick Stir fry Recipes

My Kitchen Table  100 Quick Stir fry Recipes Author Ken Hom
ISBN-10 9781446416365
Year 2011-07-31
Pages 208
Language en
Publisher Random House

Ken Hom is the nation's favourite Chinese chef and this is his collection of his best 100 stir-fry recipes. With everything from chicken recipes to vegetarian curries, healthy recipes and food for entertaining friends, modern and traditional, plus appetisers, salads, snacks and side dishes, this cookbook offers an amazing range of tastes, ingredients and styles - all made in the wok.

Ein bisschen blutig

Ein bisschen blutig Author Anthony Bourdain
ISBN-10 9783641060398
Year 2011-01-28
Pages 400
Language de
Publisher Karl Blessing Verlag

Ein Buch wie ein Messer – scharf, kompromisslos und ein bisschen blutig Er führte ein Millionenpublikum hinter die Fassade der Nobel Cuisine – und zeigte uns die infernalischen Abgründe der Gastronomie. Seine Küche im legendären „Les Halles” in New York City war von derselben Leidenschaft, Besessenheit und Kompromisslosigkeit durchströmt wie die Bücher, die ihn auch als Autor weltberühmt machten – allen voran »Geständnisse eines Küchenchefs«. Heute, ein Jahrzehnt später, sind ratgebende Starköche medienpräsenter als schaumschlagende Politiker. Das Kochen ist vom Handwerk zum Hobby und schließlich zur Lifestyle-Rubrik mutiert – zur quotenheischenden Wohlfühlberieselung. In seinem neuen Buch rechnet Anthony Bourdain mit diesem „Imperium der Mittelmäßigkeit” ab und erinnert daran, was in einer Küche fließen muss. Nicht Balsamicoreduktion, sondern Blut, Schweiß und Tränen. Mit 28 Jahren Berufserfahrung in den härtesten Küchen der Welt, der Zen-Weisheit eines Lebenskünstlers und dem ungetrübten Blick eines Outlaws gibt Bourdain schnörkellose Antworten auf brennende Fragen. Warum bezahlen die reichsten Menschen der Welt verlässlich Unsummen für den schlechtesten Fraß? Warum machen die renommiertesten Köche Werbung für den größten Schrott? Was muss jeder Mensch kochen können, um als mündiger Bürger durchzugehen? Anthony Bourdains Aufruf für eine neue Küche ist denkbar einfach: weniger Bullshit, mehr Genuss!