Running on Faith

Running on Faith Author Jason Lester
ISBN-10 9780062008718
Year 2010-08-24
Pages 224
Language en
Publisher Harper Collins

“Whatever burden you carry (and we all have one) this story will point you to strength beyond yourself. Read it twice!” —John Ortberg, author and pastor, Menlo Park Presbyterian Church “Running on Faith is a triumph! Jason Lester is proof that as one wise man said, ‘Triumph is when you try and add a little umph!’ Jason Lester shows us ALL that you can achieve whatever you put your mind body and soul into!” —Rev Run, author of Words of Wisdom: Daily Affirmations of Faith from Run’s House to Yours “Jason’s story is a must read! It is a true testimony of the human spirit and confirmation that we all have so much more in us than we may believe. The challenges he conquered will create a shift in your life” —Tyrese Gibson, singer and actor Jason Lester is a disabled ultra-endurance athlete and winner of ESPN’s 2009 ESPY Award for “Best Disabled Male Athlete.” He tells his remarkable story in Running on Faith, offering readers an inspirational guide to overcoming adversity, reaching your goals, and recognizing God’s guiding hand in your life.

Running on Faith

Running on Faith Author Andrew Glenn
ISBN-10 9781449031121
Year 2009-10-01
Pages 60
Language en
Publisher AuthorHouse

Andrew brings a raw look into how life used to be before losing weight and after. He touches on how faith has brought him to continue believing in himself and encouraging those around him to lead healthy and faithful lives. This book is a great start for those looking to make a healthy change with faith being the core component. With the drive to want to make a change, Andrew is a proven example at just how easy leading a healthy life can be. With simple examples about how to start exercising to learning more about what you put into your body, Andrew lays out a perfect 'new beginning' to help jump start your next change in life.

Running with Faith

Running with Faith Author Michael A. Bacigalupi
ISBN-10 9781469115511
Year 2009-05-01
Pages 117
Language en
Publisher Xlibris Corporation

I have to admit I struggle with my faith, but my faith has been the reason that I have gotten this far. I seem to question my faith when things go bad and forget and not give God any credit when things are going good. So I ask how’s your faith, because mine is stronger and getting stronger every day. Come read with me on some points I learned in our Sunday School Class. I write about this because when you see all that inspires me while I run or compete in marathons and triathlons than there is no way you can’t see Gods work. When I am competing in any events especially long events, I catch myself talking to God. Even though I am running with thousands of people, you are still by yourself. I have to pray or talk to God or I will find myself starting to think about the long distance to much and negative thought starts creeping in my mind. This book will inspire you with touching stories of courage and faith.

The Race Before Us

The Race Before Us Author Bruce H. Matson
ISBN-10 9781618433480
Year 2013-09-03
Pages 192
Language en
Publisher Mission Books

Turning 50 years old and facing some of life’s biggest questions are daunting challenges. A crisis of faith and crisis of health lead towards significant changes in one’s life. For Bruce Matson, a family man with a successful law practice, the struggles of health and doubt led to action. Combining to podcasts from notable Christian leaders Ravi Zacharias, Allistair Begg, and Tim Keller, careful research and preparation, and encouragment from family and friends, Bruce ran his race for physical and spiritual health. The Race Before Us by Bruce Matson is a wonderful memoir detailing the path of doubt to faith and spiritual malaise to running with God. Come alongside Bruce as he navigates the windy roads of faith and health in his pursuit of physical and spiritual well-being.

Madeline Manning Jackson

Madeline Manning Jackson Author Linda Jacobs Altman
ISBN-10 0884362612
Year 1976
Pages 38
Language en

A biography of the record-setting runner, a gold medal winner in the 1968 Olympics, whose Christian faith has helped her surmount many obstacles.

Stuart s Run to Faith

Stuart s Run to Faith Author Sharon Hambrick
ISBN-10 1579242448
Year 1999-01
Pages 123
Language en
Publisher Journey Books (SC)

When twelve-year-old Stuart finally learns to accept God's love for him, he changes his mind about going to school at Greenhaven Christian Academy and living with his "preachy" grandma.


TODAY IS  VOLUME 6 Author Christine McTaggart
ISBN-10 9781304707178
Year 2014-01
Pages 102
Language en

Be inspired and blessed as you read, meditate on and speak out these truths. There are 30 daily inspirations including: TODAY WE ARE RUNNING TO WIN TODAY MY HOPES ARE NOT CRUSHED TODAY GOD'S GOODNESS FOLLOWS ME TODAY HEAVEN'S GATES ARE OPEN At the start of each day, you can speak words of life, hope and love.You can live in joy and in peace. Begin your day by speaking God's powerful words. Psalm 118 "Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good! His faithful love endures forever."

Who Is Running the Church Fear or Faith

Who Is Running the Church  Fear or Faith Author Cynthia Butler
ISBN-10 9781490824598
Year 2014-03-11
Pages 104
Language en
Publisher WestBowPress

A thought-provoking, controversial examination for His glory, not my own. The Devil is taking over the church, our home, our family, and our nation. The world is trying to be the church, and the church is trying to be the world. If we could only stop trying to be looked upon as gods and come under servitude unto the highest God, then evil may tremble. If we could just get our heads out of the clouds, we might end up doing some earthly good. The Devil said, “Paul I know, Jesus I know, but who are you?” We were never called to this walk of faith to fabricate untruths. We serve a living God; people deserve answers to their questions, not for them to be swept under a rug or brushed off. Neither should anyone feel unchristian because of their questions. A believer asked me, "Why didn't I fall out when I was prayed for?”

No Place to Run

No Place to Run Author Marion Faith Laird
ISBN-10 9781460333891
Year 2014-06-01
Pages 224
Language en
Publisher Harlequin

"DON'T THINK YOU CAN GET AWAY WITH IT." Just when she started to feel safe, small-town librarian Lorie Narramore begins receiving threatening notes. They prove that her worst fears have come true—her dark past has followed her to Arkansas. And someone wants her to pay for what she's done. As the threats turn into full-scale attacks, Lorie has no choice but to rely on deputy sheriff Matt MacGregor's protection. But after her harrowing ordeal with the law, can she truly trust a cop? And can Matt trust her to tell him the truth when the threats claim she's gotten away with murder?

Running on Empty

Running on Empty Author Arron Chambers
ISBN-10 1562923048
Year 2005
Pages 192
Language en
Publisher David C Cook

For anyone who needs a "fill-up," this book outlines 21 qualities for living life to the fullest based on the Gospel of John.

Mortality Bridge

Mortality Bridge Author Steven R. Boyett
ISBN-10 9781473206601
Year 2014-11-27
Pages 320
Language en
Publisher Hachette UK

Decades ago, a young rock and blues guitarist and junkie named Niko signed in blood on the dotted line and in return became the stuff of music legend. But when the love of his damned life grows mortally and mysteriously ill, he realizes he has lost more than he bargained for-and that was not part of the deal. So Niko sets out on a harrowing journey from the streets of Los Angeles through the downtown subway tunnels and across the red-lit plain of the most vividly realized hell since Dante to play the gig of his mortgaged life and win back the purloined soul of his lost love. Mortality Bridge remixes Orpheus, Dante, Faust, the Crossroads legend, and more in a beautiful, brutal, and surprisingly funny quest across a Hieronymus Bosch landscape of myth, music, and mayhem, and across an inner terrain of addiction, damnation, and redemption. Winner of the 2011 Emperor Norton Award for best novel by a San Francisco Bay Area writer.

Faith Run

Faith Run Author Ray Gonz‡lez
ISBN-10 0816527695
Year 2009
Pages 103
Language en
Publisher University of Arizona Press

Faith Run offers the most recent work by the well-known poet Ray Gonzalez. The poetry here isÑat onceÑperhaps his most personal and most universal. At the heart of these lyrical, sometimes ethereal, poems is a deep sense of the mystery and even the divinity of our human lives. Although Gonzalez invokes the names of many poets who have come before him, including Walt Whitman, Pablo Neruda, Robert Frost, Charles Wright, Allen Ginsberg, and Federico Garc’a Lorca, he writes in his own singular voice, one sculpted by the scorched and windblown landscapes of the American Southwest, by the complications of life in a borderland, by the voices of ancestors. With the confident touch of a master craftsman, he creates a new world out of the world we think we know. In his poems, the personal suddenly becomes the cosmic, the mundane unexpectedly becomes the sublime. For Gonzalez, it seems, we humans can transcend the ordinaryÑjust as these poems transcend genre and create a poetic realm of their ownÑbut we never actually leave behind our rooted, earthbound lives. Although our landscape may be invisible to us, we never escape its powerful magnetism. Nor do we ever abandon our ancestors. No matter how fast or far we run, we can never outrun them. Like gravity, their influence is inexorable. These poems enchant with their language, which often leaps unexpectedly from worldly to otherworldly in the same stanza, but they cling and linger in our memoriesÑnot unlike the voices of friends and relatives. Ê

Faith Prescription

Faith Prescription Author Babatunde Soniregun
ISBN-10 9781602669574
Year 2007-08-01
Pages 380
Language en
Publisher Xulon Press

In this daily devotional, the author encourages readers to immerse themselves in the Word of God while not letting their surroundings distract them. (Motivation)

David Faith on the Run

David  Faith on the Run Author Larry Lichtenwalter
ISBN-10 0828017700
Year 2004-02-01
Pages 185
Language en
Publisher Review and Herald Pub Assoc

Like David. Outlaw. Cave man. Guerrilla. So how does the hero behave under pressure?The subject of this second volume on the life of David is his fugitive years, when his passion for God was stressed to the breaking point. He starts out holding Goliath's severed head and ends up weeping over the death of nemesis Saul and soul mate Jonathan. In between-he runs.At first the battlefield hero wins the hearts of the people and becomes a palace fixture. All is well in King Saul's court-until the women begin singing his praises. Now the rising star is a marked man with a price on his head. Dodging javelins, David succumbs to fear. He resorts to deception. Once he ran toward his enemies; now he runs from them. His only hope-his only help-is God. "The Lord is for me," he writes, "so I will not be afraid. What can mere mortals do to me?" (Ps. 118:6, NLT).This book is for all who walk through the valley of the shadow, who face the perfect storm of failure and disgrace. Before God can bring us into a spacious place, we must learn what David learned in the dark about God. God delivers. The storm will subside. Goliath will fall. But we must wait on the Lord.

Saving Faith

Saving Faith Author David Baldacci
ISBN-10 9780330514361
Year 2009-08-21
Pages 464
Language en
Publisher Pan Macmillan

Danny Buchanan is a top Washington lobbyist who once earned a vast fortune serving the interests of giant corporations. But then, appalled by the desperate poverty he witnessed on his global travels, he decided to use his political genius to help the world's poor. With the aid of his loyal assistant, attractive and committed Faith Lockhart, Danny now works tirelessly, and in secret, to redress the balance of power. But Robert Thornhill has rather different ideas about what constitutes as public service. A ruthless top-ranking veteran of covert CIA activity, he discovers the secret of Danny's political influence and is determined to destroy him . . . Escape on a journey of suspense-filled, non-stop action with one of the world's favourite storytellers.