Meeting Procedure Fundamentals

Meeting Procedure Fundamentals Author Harold E. Corbin
ISBN-10 9781468903690
Year 2012-05-09
Language en
Publisher Booktango

Have you attended meetings that are chaotic, seem to go on forever, and ultimately nothing gets accomplished? Did you think there has to be a better way? Well, there certainly is. Whether the meeting is for a business, fraternal organization, or the local gardening club, an orderly and well run meeting will accomplish more in less time. There will be discussion and debate rather than argument and grandstanding. Meeting Procedure Fundamentals is a basic overview of how to conduct an effective meeting based on Robert’s Rules of Order, Newly Revised. Robert’s is recognized as the authority on parliamentary procedure in the United States. MPF will provide a brief explanation of the following: ? Rules that guide the operation of an organization. ? Some rights of members protected by parliamentary law. ? Usual order of business in a meeting. ? Conduct of business. ? Duties of the presiding officer. ? Duties of the secretary ? Precedence of motions. ? Incidental motions. ? Examples of proper language. ? Glossary. MPF will help you get in, get it done, and get on with your busy life.

Robert s Rules of Order Newly Revised

Robert s Rules of Order Newly Revised Author Henry Martyn Robert
ISBN-10 0738203076
Year 2000
Pages 704
Language en
Publisher Da Capo Press

Offers a newly revised edition of the standard manual of parliamentary procedure that takes into consideration the use of electronic mail, teleconferencing, and other new forms of communication.

Robert s Rules of Order

Robert s Rules of Order Author Henry M. Robert
ISBN-10 0515090328
Year 1986-10
Pages 204
Language en
Publisher Jove Publications

Only "Robert's Rules of Order Newly Revised, " 9th Edition, is the current Robert's Rules of Order.

Robert s Rules of Order Newly Revised in Brief

Robert s Rules of Order Newly Revised in Brief Author Henry M. Robert Iii
ISBN-10 1459610237
Year 2011-02-02
Pages 244
Language en

A concise and user-friendly guide to the essentials for conducting a meeting by the official Robert's Rules of Order authorship committee. In a club, a condo association, or a board of overseers, how is business carried over from one meeting to the next? How is a meeting best kept on track? Who keeps the order and who decides what the agenda will be in the first place? The answers to these concerns of assembly can be found in the rulebook of orderly meetings: Robert's Rules of Order Newly Revised 10th Edition. But weighing in at over 700 pages, at least 80 percent of its content will be needed less than 20 percent of the time. Those not well versed in parliamentary procedure can find themselves lost while trying to get guidance on the everyday basics. The solution? Robert's Rules of Order Newly Revised Concise. Written by the officially sanctioned Robert's Rules of Order authorship team, this short and user-friendly ''cheat-sheet'' of a guide briefs readers on the rules most often needed at meetings-from debates and amendments to votes and nominations. With sample dialogues, helpful references to the ''big'' book throughout, and handy tips for elected or appointed officials, Robert's Rules of Order Newly Revised in Brief is the essential abbreviated meeting rulebook.

The Complete Idiot s Guide to Robert s Rules 2nd Edition

The Complete Idiot s Guide to Robert s Rules  2nd Edition Author Nancy Sylvester
ISBN-10 9781101456309
Year 2010-07-06
Pages 384
Language en
Publisher Penguin

The whens, hows and whys of keeping order. Robert's Rules have long been the ultimate guide for running meetings and outlining procedures. The Complete Idiot's Guide® to Robert's Rules, Second Edition, teaches readers everything from the ladder of motions to how to use Robert's Rules for any size or type of meeting or political caucus. ?This book includes sample minutes, a sample agenda, and scripts for every type of meeting situation ?Includes a complete reproduction of Sylvester's "Basics of Parliamentary Procedure," a handy guide based on Robert's Rules of Order Newly Revised, as an appendix ?Gives readers a practical one-stop shop in the category - they can buy one book and get a copy of the rules and a book on how to use them