New Thai Food

New Thai Food Author Martin Boetz
ISBN-10 174270820X
Year 2014-10-01
Pages 208
Language en

The definitive new guide on Thai food for home cooking- New Thai Food celebrates the delicious and unique cuisine with a focus on the essential balance between the sweet and sour, salty and bitter. A plethora of recipes await the adventurous cook: from starters to soups, salads, curries, seafood, meat and poultry, not to mention desserts. Included is a handy section on the basics of this vibrant fare. With ingredients and techniques to push the boundaries of the domestic pantry, New Thai Food starts you off with some good fish sauce, chillies and sugar. Cooking methods are uncomplicated, relying instead upon the quality of ingredients. Readers will become acquainted with such starters as Galangal and Trout Roe or Betel Leaves with Smoked Trout, before moving on to a classic Green Papaya Salad or Red Duck Curry or, even, the Spiced Curry of Spatchcock with Chilli. Deliciously sweet endings abound with tapioca, palm sugar, durian and mango. From old faves to new creations, Martin Boetz's collection of Thai cooking is full of freshness and flavour.

Simple Thai Food

Simple Thai Food Author Leela Punyaratabandhu
ISBN-10 9781607745242
Year 2014-05-13
Pages 236
Language en
Publisher Ten Speed Press

Thai takeout meets authentic, regional flavors in this collection of 100 recipes for easy, economical, and accessible Thai classics--from the rising star behind the blog She Simmers. Who can say no to a delicious plate of Pad Thai with Shrimp; a fresh, tangy Green Papaya Salad; golden Fried Spring Rolls; or a rich, savory Pork Toast with Cucumber Relish? Thai food is not only one of the most vibrant, wonderfully varied cuisines in the world, it also happens to be one of the tastiest, and a favorite among American eaters. The good news is, with the right ingredients and a few basic tools and techniques, authentic Thai food is easily within reach of home cooks. Take it from Leela Punyaratabandhu, a Bangkok native and author of the popular Thai cooking blog She Simmers. In her much-anticipated debut cookbook, Leela shares her favorite recipes for classic Thai fare, including beloved family recipes, popular street food specialties, and iconic dishes from Thai restaurant menus around the world. All of Leela’s recipes have been tested and tweaked to ensure that even the busiest cook can prepare them at home. With chapters on key ingredients and tools, base recipes, one-plate meals, classic rice accompaniments, and even Thai sweets, Simple Thai Food is a complete primer for anyone who wants to give Thai cooking a try. By the end of the book, you’ll be whipping up tom yam soup and duck red curry that will put your local takeout joint to shame. But perhaps more importantly, you’ll discover an exciting new world of Thai flavors and dishes—including Stir-Fried Chicken with Chile Jam, Leaf-Wrapped Salad Bites, and Crispy Wings with Three-Flavored Sauce—that will open your eyes to all the wonderful possibilities that real Thai cooking has to offer.

Mike Colameco s Food Lover s Guide to New York City

Mike Colameco s Food Lover s Guide to New York City Author Mike Colameco
ISBN-10 9780470044438
Year 2009-08-17
Pages 462
Language en
Publisher John Wiley & Sons

The insider's food guide to New York City-from trusted New York food expert and TV/radio host Michael Colameco New York is the food capital of the United States, with an incredibly rich and diverse dining scene that boasts everything from four-star French restaurants, casual neighborhood bistros, and ethnic restaurants from every corner of the world to corner bakeries, pastry shops, and much more. Now Mike Colameco, the host of PBS's popular Colameco's Food Show and WOR-Radio's "Food Talk", helps you make sense of this dizzying array of choices. He draws on his experience as a chef and New York resident to offer in-depth reviews of his favorite eating options, from high-end restaurants to cheap takeout counters and beyond. His work has given him unprecedented access to the city's chefs and kitchens, allowing him to tell you things others can't. He offers inside information about different establishments, giving a detailed and sometimes irreverent sense of the food and the people behind them. Goes beyond ratings-centered guides to offer detailed, opinionated reviews by an experienced chef and longtime New Yorker Recommends restaurants, bakers, butchers, chocolatiers, cheese stores, fishmongers, pastry shops, wine merchants, and more Entries include basic facts, contact information, and a thoughtful, personal review Includes choices in every price range and neighborhood, from Tribeca to Harlem Whether you're visiting for a weekend or have lived in New York for years, this guide is your #1 go-to source for the best food the city has to offer.

Flavors of Empire

Flavors of Empire Author Mark Padoongpatt
ISBN-10 9780520293731
Year 2017-09-26
Pages 272
Language en
Publisher Univ of California Press

With a uniquely balanced combination of salty, sweet, sour, and spicy flavors, Thai food burst onto Los Angeles's culinary scene in the 1980s. Flavors of Empire examines the rise of Thai food and the way it shaped the racial and ethnic contours of Thai American identity and community. Full of vivid oral histories and new material from the archives, this book explores the factors that made foodways central to the Thai American experience. Starting with American Cold War intervention in Thailand, Mark Padoongpatt traces how informal empire allowed U.S. citizens to discover Thai cuisine abroad and introduce it inside the United States. When Thais arrived in Los Angeles, they reinvented and repackaged Thai food in various ways to meet the rising popularity of the cuisine in urban and suburban spaces. Padoongpatt opens up the history, politics, and tastes of Thai food for the first time, all while demonstrating how race emerges in seemingly mundane and unexpected places.

Saveur The New Comfort Food

Saveur  The New Comfort Food Author James Oseland
ISBN-10 9781452105390
Year 2011-04-29
Pages 256
Language en
Publisher Chronicle Books

From the pages of Saveur magazine, one of the world's premier food publications, comes a celebration of the enormous range of regional American and international dishes that have shaped the classic comfort foods of today. A steaming bowl of udon noodles, a bubbling serving of macaroni and cheese, a hearty helping of huevos rancheros, a perfectly browned grilled cheese sandwichthese are just some of the 100 mouthwatering recipes in this extraordinary volume that highlights the pleasures of comfort food in all its diversity. Brimming with more than 200 stunning photographs and memorable sidebars that present the people, ingredients, and techniques involved in the recipes, Saveur New American Comfort Food is an unforgettable journey behind the scenes of our favorite heartwarming dishes.

The Chowhound s Guide to the New York Tristate Area

The Chowhound s Guide to the New York Tristate Area Author Chowhound
ISBN-10 9781101221457
Year 2005-04-26
Pages 480
Language en
Publisher Penguin

New York is home to some of the finest restaurants and the widest culinary variety in the world. With such a wonderful array of food available, why should New York eaters limit their choices to the at-best-stodgy-at-worst-pretentious Zagats Guide listings? Chowhound Guides are the anti-Zagat for true food lovers. They’re fresh, fun, and detailed, compiled by passionate, unpretentious people who are obsessed with finding the real deal on the full spectrum of food—conventional wisdom and outward trappings be damned. It’s all about finding the best meal for the occasion, whether that means knowing the perfect brunch to take out-of-town relatives to (that you will enjoy too!), the off-menu dish that only the insiders know to order, or how to find the Arepas Lady and her mouthwatering offerings under the #7-train tracks in Queens on a late Saturday night adventure. New York Chowhounds are constantly scouring the boroughs, on the hunt for the tastiest meal, the most expertly or authentically prepared dish, or an overlooked “hidden gem” of a restaurant. Chowhound’s Guide to New York is the richest treasure trove of New York restaurant tips and food information compiled in any book, covering over 1000 restaurants, cafes, take-out counters, delis, farmer’s markets, and food carts—many of which are not listed in any other guide. Unlock the best and myriad aspects of eating around town at all price ranges, settings, and cuisines. Chowhound’s fresh approach and focus on food, not flash, unearths the obscure, and the truly delicious.

Food National Identity and Nationalism

Food  National Identity and Nationalism Author Atsuko Ichijo
ISBN-10 9781137483133
Year 2016-01-26
Pages 196
Language en
Publisher Springer

Exploring a much neglected area, the relationship between food and nationalism, this book examines a number of case studies at various levels of political analysis to show how useful the food and nationalism axis can be in the study of politics.

Tropical Bob s Where to Eat in Hawaii

Tropical Bob s Where to Eat in Hawaii Author Bob Kasher
ISBN-10 0973433329
Year 2005-07-01
Pages 151
Language en
Publisher Perpetual Summer Press

A guide to what's ethnic, what's unique, and what's great in cuisine in the Hawaiian Islands. Unique in its scope it covers restaurants, cafes, bakeries, markets, even street vendors on all the islands giving you a comprehensive range of culinary delights to enjoy. A true insider's guide written by a Native Hawaiian.


Diplomacy Author Om Gupta
ISBN-10 8178353261
Year 2004-09
Pages 300
Language en
Publisher Gyan Publishing House

The present book deals with numerous case studies pertaining to the period, 1992-1997. It is a collection of weekly columns that appeared in Mid-Day. The initiative and responses make New Delhi a most happening place in the global diplomacy. The columns including in the book are of high profile and astute diplomatic pieces discussed.

Thai Food

Thai Food Author David Thompson
ISBN-10 9781580084628
Year 2002
Pages 673
Language en
Publisher Random House Digital, Inc.

Thompson's collection of Thai cooking lore, history and recipes is comprehensive and all-inclusive. Includes a description of the country, its various socioeconomic groups (called muang) and its culinary history. A chapter on snacks and street foods offers additional tasty choices. Color photos.